Larry Quemere

Consulting Hypnotist, Speaker, Facilitator
Certified Hypnosis Instructor



Larry is committed to improving the lives of every client. He supports clients by listening, prescribing and implementing results and accomplishes this as an experienced, business consultant, personal coach, public speaker, spiritualist and energy worker.

His practice is grounded in mindfulness, working with individuals who are coping with a variety of life issues. These issues may be physical, intellectual, spiritual or career based.

There exist a particular affinity for working with issues related to anxiety, depression, bad habits and physical limitations. He enjoys working with those who seek to enhance their creativity by exploring their psyche as well as those who feel they could never be whole.

One does not need to experience pain, anxiety or living in fear to understand it. For 12 years of Larry's life he did with IBS(Irritable bowel syndrome). The effects of this condition filled his life with panic attacks, sadness and total disruption. Others would not know his illness as we all know about good we become at  hiding it. All this happened while building a successful business employing over 100 part time employees. 

Larry spent time learning and practicing mindfulness and experiencing hypnosis thus ending IBS. Since that time he no longer has any negative effects from his 12 years of suffering.

From this experience Larry has developed the following pro-active approach in interacting with clients while teaching them and blending his methods of:

  • Hypnosis
  • Mindfulness
  • Living in the moment
  • The effects of the law of attraction
  • Letting go without praise or blame
  • Stepping off the edge into the unknown with trust 
  • Expecting Miracles and learning to accept them


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"Todays is a great day for success"





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